Meaning Of Chauffeur? Title Of Diljit Dosanjh & Tory Lanez’s Collaborative Track

Diljit Dosanjh is all set to entertain his fans with his upcoming song. The artist has shared the release date of his upcoming collaborative track. Titled, Chauffeur, the track will mark Diljit Dosanjh’s first collaboration with popular Canadian rapper Tory Lanez.

The track will be out on 14 April and is already raising the excitement among the fans. But did you give enough attention to its title? Do you know what Chauffeur means? If not, we’ll let you know in this article. 

Chauffeur is a term used for a person who is hired to drive a passenger motor vehicle, especially for a luxury vehicle. Chauffeur is not to be misunderstood with a driver. A driver is a person who drives the car, but a chauffeur also takes care of the vehicle and looks after the needs and requirements of the passengers as well.

In short, it can also be said that a chauffeur is a well experienced and licensed professional. This term undoubtedly is not usual and not popular among common people. It’s not known why this title was suggested for the debut collaborative track of Diljit-Tory, but we are sure that the song will have a lot more to reveal about the same. 

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We can expect grand and luxury cars featuring in the music video of the upcoming track, but what’s the context with chauffeur can only be known after the song is out. The wait is not long, as the song is soon going to mark place in the music charts on 14 April. By then, the fans might keep guessing about why this name was selected for the song.

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