Meaning Of DeFcoN 1, Title Of Tarsem Jassar’s EP, Connections With The US Military

Tarsem Jassar finally revealed the name of his upcoming EP with Wazir Patar. It was announced through social media that the EP will be called ‘DeFcoN 1’. While the title of the EP sounds very interesting, it carries an even more interesting meaning to it. DeFcoN 1 is not just a normal funky title!

Defcon is actually the abbreviation for the Defense Readiness Condition, which is an alert state used by the Armed Forces of the United States. To put it to a simpler meaning, whenever a dangerous event takes place, it is ranked on the Defcon scale from 5 to 1 depending on the severity of the event. It goes from Defcon 5 (least severe) to Defcon 1 (most severe). 

By ranking events or attacks on the Defcon scale, the US military ascertains the severity of the attack or the event and prepares its plan accordingly. Tarsem Jassar’s EP has been named Defcon 1, which signifies an alarming situation of the highest severity. It signals the outbreak of Nuclear Warfare! 

Source: MilitaryBase

It is to note that the US military has never reached the Defcon 1 scale in history. It has only reached Defcon 2 scale twice, once during the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) and then during the Persian Gulf War (1991). 

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So, Tarsem Jassar and Wazir Patar are all set to activate the Defcon 1 mode and the audience should already be prepared! It is the most alarming situation of the highest severity for the industry.

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