Medal Movie Review: Jay Randhawa Shines In The Powerful Action Entertainer

StarcastJayy Randhawa, Baani Sandhu, Pardeep Singh Rawat, Hobby Dhaliwal, Anita Meet, Jag Singh, Davvy Singh
DirectorManeesh Bhatt
Kiddaan Rating

Punjabi cinema has recently produced some of the best action thrillers that Punjabi cinema audiences have ever witnessed. With the hopes of repeating the same, Jay Randhawa is back again with an action packed new Punjabi thriller film ‘Medal’. We have already watched the movie and thus penned this Medal movie review for you.

‘Medal’ stars Jay Randhawa and Baani Sandhu in lead roles. The talented supporting cast of the movie includes Hobby Dhaliwal, Pardeep Rawat, Jag Singh, Davvy Singh, Gurman Sandhu, Galav Waraich & ensemble. Medal is written by Jassi Lohka, while Maneesh Bhatt has directed the film. Since the day its trailer was launched, fans have had high expectations from the movie. Does the Medal land up to the expectations of its fans? Read this Medal movie review to know the answers.

Story & Screenplay

Let’s begin our Medal movie review by discussing the story of the movie. The plot of the movie revolves around Rajveer/Raja (Jay Randhawa), who had a dream of winning a national gold medal. However, in his journey he met a jealous and arrogant competitor – Angad (Jag Singh). Angad cheats on Raja and makes him disqualified from sprinting again. Result of which Raja faces a lot of problems and steps in the world of crime to take his revenge from Angad. How does he take revenge? Or will he be actually able to take his revenge? This is what this movie is all about.

We personally loved the story of the movie which was already very much clear from the trailer itself. But what makes this story shine well is how this is being depicted. The screenplay of this film is its USP that lands very well on the hearts of audiences. However, there were some scenes that seems unnecessary and could have been clipped.

Acting & Performances

Now that we have talked about the story of the movie, it’s time to talk about the performances of the movie in our Medal movie review. Beginning this segment with the leading man of the film – Jay Randhawa. Since the day this movie was announced, fans were already geared up for something unique from Jay’s side and he doesn’t like to disappoint his fans. Jay has given another marvelous performance that is gonna live in fan’s hearts for so long. The way he transitioned his character from a sweet young guy to a king of crime world full of swag shows his range of acting. His dialogue delivery and expressions are more than enough to make you his fan if you’re not already.

Baani Sandhu, the debutant also did a decent job in her role. However she could have given more screen time. Jag Singh really impressed us a lot as the main antagonist of the film. His body language, expressions and physique were too good as a villain.

Apart from these, other supporting actors such as Hobby Dhaliwal and Pardeep Rawat have also done a good job in the film.

Writing & Direction

Movie is written by Jassi Lohka and what better a fan could expect than this. Jassi has written this movie in a blockbuster manner. Director Maneesh Bhatt has also pulled off a wonderful task. The way he portrayed Jay Randhawa in the film is commendable. It’s an absolute victory for the Direction team as ‘Medal’ looks exactly what a proper action packed mass entertainer would look like.

Action & BGM

It’s a Jay Randhawa’s film and a hype action was expected. And ‘Medal’ doesn’t disappoint its fans at any point. The action choreography was too good and there were actually some bone cracking moments that you gonna love for sure. At times the action of the film is gonna remind you of KGF: Chapter 2.

The BGM of the movie is clearly a winner. Background music complemented and helped each scene to shine well. Your adrenaline is gonna rush high when the fusion of a masterclass action serves you with a powerful background music.


Medal is definitely among the best ever Punjabi movies in terms of dialogues. Dialogues were so good and appealing that no one in the theater could resist cheering. You can guess how good the movie’s dialogues were from these two samples – ‘Jithe saada raula hou othe 302 hi lagugi paa do status’, ‘patte te duniya kise di marji naal ni hilde hilaune painde aa’.

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Now it’s time to conclude this Medal movie review with our final words for the film. So, Medal is a powerful mass entertainer that comes with a marvelous blend of good story, brilliant screenplay, outstanding action, energetic BGM and mind-blowing performances. For all these reasons Team Kiddaan rates Medal 4.5 stars on the scale of 5. The deduction in the ratings is due to some unnecessary scenes that could have been clipped. However, Medal is a great treat for action thriller lovers and if you are one of Jay Randhawa’s fans, Medal is another blockbuster gift for you from his side, so just book a ticket and enjoy this amazing action thriller in cinemas.

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