Meet Simma Dhaliwal, A Young Producer And Powerhouse Of Talent

In the age when most of us are confused about what subject to choose for graduation, 19 years old Simma Dhaliwal became one of the most talented producers in the town. Harsimran Singh Dhaliwal, who is popularly known as Simma Dhaliwal, belongs to Ferozpur, but his talent knows no boundaries. 

He is a notable producer who has been the backbone of some of the very popular music projects. The list of his amazing projects is long, but some of his most successful and popular works are with David Sandhu, which includes,

Mere Naalde by David Sandhu

Soulmate by David Sandhu

Four By 4 by David Sandhu ft. Harry Sangha

Gangster Jatt by David Sandhu

As Simma works and is a renowned name in the Indian Music Industry, he is also very active on social media where he keeps his fans updated with his upcoming projects. He enjoys followership of more than 112k fans on Instagram where his followers are usually impressed with his style statement. He believes that he is working to make sure his projects connect with his audience so that he can showcase his talent and skills to a broader mass. He is also looking forward to promoting his artists to different levels, and also introducing music distribution across the globe. 

And apart from producing musical bliss for his fans, he also managed Aamber Dhaliwal and Aaveera Singh Masson. He excels in managing events for these popular divas and also makes sure there is no inconvenience in their official international tours. All this ensures and expresses the multi-talented characteristics of Simma Dhaliwal, who’s not limited to one specific field or working, but is flexible. 

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Though he has already achieved much and is successful, there are various popular celebrities who believe in him and are sure that Simma is going to touch new heights in his coming future.  So, don’t be shocked when you get to know about his professional growth and career graph in the near future. 

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