Meet The Man Behind The Viral ‘Dexterpreet Singh’ Meme

If you are active on social media and obsessed with trending memes, then we can bet that you have enjoyed many Dexterpreet Singh memes. These amazing memes have impressed many fans and made them laugh like never before.

But do you know the man behind those creative and super amazing memes? If not, then we are here to introduce you to Gurkeerat Singh who is behind these viral and extremely popular memes. 

22 year old Gurkeerat is from Patiala and runs an Instagram page named graphic.singh with more than 2 thousand 6 hundred followers. And if you decide to go through his profile, it will keep you engaged for a long time.

His memes started going viral when he gave birth to a fictional character and named him ‘Dexterpreet Singh’.  Dexterpreet basically is a boy whose pronunciation skills are funnier than anything else in the world. 

Apart from these memes, Gurkeerat also created other memes which are equally funny and entertaining. Have a look at some of his best creations.

You can go through his page and enjoy many more funny memes that can help to make your day lighter. Follow the link below to directly slide on Gurkeerat’s page.

Graphic Singh Instagram Account

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