Meet Ujwal Kulkarni, KGF: Chapter 2’s 19-Year Old Editor Who Used To Make Fan Edits!

It is impossible that you haven’t heard of KGF: Chapter 2 by now. The Yash-starrer action-packed Kannada blockbuster has taken over the country like a storm and the theaters are housefull like anything! One of the most appealing parts of the film was its editing and you’ll be surprised to know the man behind the job.

KGF: Chapter 2 has been created with an estimated budget of a humongous Rs. 100 crores. You might be thinking that the editor of the film must have been some decorated artist with a number of huge projects to his name? But, the actual man behind KGF: Chapter 2’s editing is a 19-year old amateur! 

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Ujwal Kulkarni was entrusted with the task of editing KGF 2 by director Prashanth Neel. Ujwal Kulkarni is just 19-year old and KGF 2 was his first feature-length film ever. He had never edited a feature-length film before KGF 2. You might be thinking if Ujwal never edited a feature-length film before, how did he grab such a huge project. 

He caught the director’s eye through his fan-edits! Ujwal used to make fan-edits and short-films on Youtube. It was enough for Director Prashanth Neel to spot the young talent. After shooting KGF 2, Prashanth asked Ujwal to make a trailer out of it, which he did. Prashanth was left amazed by the editing of the young lad and decided to hire him as editor of the mega-budget record-breaking Kannada film.

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Ever since KGF 2’s release, the world has been talking about this single film. The film has become an unstoppable beast at the box officer and is smashing records every single day. It blows our mind away to know that a 19-year old was the man behind the editing of the film and a major reason behind the film’s super success.

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