Mika Singh Calls Himself KRK’s Baap In Recent Tweet, Announces Diss Track Against The Critic

Mika Singh recently jumped into Salman Khan and Kamaal Rashid Khan’s legal tussle. The singer has sided with Salman Khan and against the self-proclaimed critic Kamaal Rashid Khan. 

Commenting on KRK, the singer said that KRK cannot push him around so easily. Mika has even used words like ‘donkey’ and ‘scared mouse’ to insult the critic. Recently, Mika tweeted : 

The tweet comes after KRK blocked Mika Singh for passing insulting remarks on him. Mika Singh said that this man can only mess with ‘soft’ Bollywood people and does not have the courage to face him. 

Calling KRK his son, Mika Singh challenged him to unblock him as he’s not so easy to be tossed around the issue. Mika even said that he is neither Karan Johar nor Anurag Kashyap, he is KRK’s dad and KRK cannot mess with him. 

Mika Singh is Salman Khan’s good friend and has even done numerous playbacks for the artist. The singer has chosen to take sides with Salman Khan after the actor filed a defamation case against KRK for giving negative reviews for his movie ‘Radhe’. Mika has even announced a diss track against the critic. 

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