Milestone Movie Review: Shows The Most Ignored But Harsh Reality Of Life

Milestone is directed by Ivan Ayr and stars Suvinder Vicky and Lakshivir Sharan in the lead roles. The movie was premiered in the Orizzonti section at the Venice Film Festival in 2020.

Kiddaan Rating- 8/10

We all have grown with a lesson that ‘Real Men dont cry’, and this might be the reason behind why the definition of real, strong men is seriously misguided in India.

Milestone or Meel Patthar is recently released in Netflix which maily stars the stars Suvinder Vicky as Ghalib and Lakshvir Sharan as Pash. The story of Milestone revolved around the life of a hardworking, sad, dipressed and a growing old truck driver Ghalib. This sentence is definitely not enough to describe his personality or characteristics. Let’s not talk about how long he has been driving his truck, but it is noted that he has recently completed 5,00,000 kilometres with his truck, which is not less in any way.

With disappointing personal and professional life, Ghalib is surrounded with sorrow. After the demise of his wife, music, long routes, long/short journeys and his truck have become his life summary, and not to exclude his back pain as well. While on the other hand the family of his late wife, is demanding monetary compensation.

Slowly when the owners of the track company realises he is losing his potential, and the maintenance cost is rising due to cops demanding high bribes, they decide and hire a young truck driver Pash, the character played by Lakshvir Sharan.

The series of incidents, and what next is something we wont talk about, or we should say, we won’t reveal. Because it is something we eant you to discover on your own.

While watching the movie, we really experrienced glimpses of a truck drives life. We got to realise sometime how shallow can be a life of a person who looks absolutely normal to us.

We would really say, if you love emotional stuff, and are willing to experience a not so bright & colourful happy go lucky movie, this movie is a must watch for you. And if you’re more into drama and entertainment stuff, then also we suggest you to take a chance and watch this movie, because this might not entertain you, but will surely teach you some serious life lessons.

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