Superstar Singer 3: Milind Gaba Shares Video Of Abhijeet Bhattacharya Singing In Weddings After His Status Remark

Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya is known for his outspoken statements and because of them, he always remains in the headlines. Now one of his videos from the singing show ‘Superstar Singer 3’ is going viral like wildfire on social media. He seems to be saying that the status of singers who sing at weddings is reduced!

Neha Kakkar does not agree with this and now singer Milind Gaba has also targeted Abhijeet by sharing his old videos. Milind showed in these videos that Abhijeet has also performed in school functions and wedding ceremonies and now his tone has changed.

First let’s talk about the viral video. In this, Abhijeet Bhattacharya teaches Salman Ali, who is performing on the stage, that the singers who start singing at the wedding, their status gets reduced. He says that his status is maintained as he doesn’t sing in weddings. Meanwhile, Neha Kakkar seems to disagree with his words.

Neha Kakkar says, “No work is small or big.’ Meanwhile, Abhijeet says, There is a lot of difference between singing for one crore rupees and rejecting one crore rupees and he is just teaching this. 

In this video shared by Millind Gaba, Abhijeet himself is seen singing in a school function and dancing on the stage. 

Milind doesn’t stop here, he shares another video, in which Abhijeet is performing at a wedding and singing his hit song just to prove that singing at wedding functions doesn’t have to do anything with your status.

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