‘Millions Of Views Doesn’t Mean It’s Good’, Roach Killa Comments On Industry Trend

Punjabi music artist Roach Killa did not look in a good mood on Wednesday. He took it to his Instagram to publicly comment on artists trying too hard to look like gangsters in their songs. In the post that followed, he schooled the audience to have forgotten to enjoy music, rather, the artist stated, they’re driven by views. Describing views as completely meaningless, the artist stated they aren’t a testimony for a song to be good or bad.


Several other Punjabi celebrities like Dr Zeus, Zora Randhawa too commented on the posts to show their support. Roach Killa is a renowned name in the Punjabi music world. Punjabi music industry has now been criticized way too many times for making self centered, gangster songs. And now, Roach Killa too shows his disappointment with the industry. 

Punjabi singer Jasmine Sandlas too had made a similar statement regarding the Punjabi industry a while ago :

Jasmine Sandlas Opens Her Heart About The Truth Of Music Industry

Music producer Dr Zeus had schooled artists for making gangster songs too. Take a look at this post : 


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