#MinarePakistan : Girl Tiktoker Assaulted And Groped In Lahore For Making A Tik Tok, The Internet Is Shook

#MinarePakistan : Girl Tiktoker Assaulted And Groped In Lahore For Making A Tik Tok, The Internet Is Shook

A woman Tik Toker in Lahore, Pakistan has reported that she was assaulted by a mob of hundreds of people. She also reported that she was groped by the mob and her clothes were also torn. She was thrown into the air by the people and was bullied. A video of the incident went viral on social media making it a national issue.

An FIR has been filed by the girl stating that she and other six of her companions were filming a Tik Tok video at the Minar E Pakistan on the occasion of Independence Day of the country and she was attacked by 300-400 people. The FIR has been lodged at the Lorry Adda police Station.

The girl and her companions tried to get away from the crowd and escape the assault, but all in vain. “We were completely outnumbered as a crowd of over 300 to 400 people had gathered around us, we couldn’t even defend ourselves”, added the girl. 

The Lahore Police has registered the complaint against hundreds of unidentified people, who were present in the same crowd, for allegedly assaulting the girl and her companions at the city’s Greater Iqbal Park. The unfortunate event took place on the Independence day of the country.


The complaint also mentions that the girl’s ring and earrings were ‘forcibly taken’ and one of her friends lost their phone and 15000 rupees. The video of the incident has gone viral on the internet and Netizens are shocked at it. Twitteratti is trending the hashtag ‘MinarePakistan’, expressing their reaction to the horrific incident.

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