Mistakes you are committing as a gamer!

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Dying on the battlefield isn’t more of a loss but if evaluated correctly it may ensure your stability to be way longer next match. Gamers rage upon their deaths in multiplayer games without assessing what went wrong, or what wrong movement was done. Well we can if you have left your match already we can help you out with up to 5 common mistakes every gamer initiates and how to overcome it.

#5 Over Peaking:

Many players tend to get a bit more greedy for a kill that may cost them their life. Mostly they do not have cover while shooting an opponent that they didn’t expect a third party to come up.

Peak to the extent that it is safe for your life or it won’t cost you much.

Peaking from windows constantly is something that is easily exposed to the nearby opponents.

#4 Standing Still

Battle Royale is a playstyle where every single second can make a vast difference. You may not stand still while waiting for an opponent to peak or stand still while shooting.

Shooting while stationary increases the chances of opponents hitting good shots on you. Standing still could make you an easy victim of third parties or even the player in front of you.

You may also go prone during a fight as it is a very useful tactic as we discussed in this article (Click here)

#3 Hip-Firing

Hip-Firing is a great shortcut to pick up quick kills since sometimes you don’t have the time to aim down sights. But, the excessive use of this feature can compromise your recoil control and accuracy.

To get better hitboxes on opponents try aiming down sights.

Try your best to aim down sight every time you get into a gunfight, ADS when you have the time to do so.

#2 Peaking on Left Side

You may not know, but most of the modern-day third-person shooter games have the crosshair positioned 60% towards the right side of the screen. This technique has been originally abused from the third-person shooter games where the player admits only to peak from the right side.

Peaking from the left side not only decreases the chances of hitting the shots but may also take much longer to align the shot.

#1 Same Peak

Players who have come over the problem of overpeaking may take cover when necessary but, may forget that the opponent may expect you to peak from that side. Peaking from a different point or using a flank on opponents from the back would be a better solution.

So guys These were the mistake you may be making as a gamer lately. You may attempt to overcome so that you can grab home some extra victories.

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