Moh Movie: Jagdeep Sidhu Announces New Movie Starring Gitaz Bindrakhia

How good can this year already get for the Punjabi film industry? With all the big titles releasing this year, every other day a new movie is being announced. And Punjabi cinema fans should be elated to know that it’s Jagdeep Sidhu this time coming with a big announcement.

The multi-talented artist has announced a movie titled “ Moh ”. It will be his next movie as a director after Qismat 2, the shoot of which recently wrapped up. Moh will star Gitaz Bindrakhia, son of the legendary Surjit Bindrakhia. Jagdeep made the announcement of the movie public, through his social media accounts.

The talent that Jagdeep Sidhu is over-stuffed with is rather frightening for other filmmakers in the industry. The man is a director, a screenplay writer, a story writer, a dialogue writer and a complete master of everything.

He is one of the main reasons Punjabi cinema witnessed movies of the quality like Sufna, Qismat, Surkhi Bindi, Nikka Zaildar trilogy and many more. Moh is surely going to be a blast, we know for a fact! And Gitaz Bindrakhia as the lead is already making us all excited. 

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