Mohali: INC Vs BJP For MC Chair After Mayor Amarjit Sidhu Jumps The Ship, AAP Keeping A Close Eye

Since Mohali’s sitting Mayor Amarjit Singh Sidhu has joined the Bharatiya Janata Party, the troubles for the Congress Party have increased. In the council of 50 members, the Congress party has 36 councillors now after Amarjit’s exit. 

As per the reports, PPCC chief Amarinder Singh Raja Warring took a meeting of several councillors at the residence of party leader and former senior deputy mayor Rishav Jain, where reportedly only 8 of the 36 councillors were present. As per Rishav Jain, the councillors of the Congress party won’t be joining the BJP, and the party will come up with a no-confidence motion against the sitting Mayor Amarjit Singh Sidhu. 

In the house of 50 councillors, 36 belong to the Congress party, and for Sidhu to save his chair, he needs the vote of at least 35 members which is difficult in the current scenario. As per the media reports, the majority of Congress councillors have currently denied joining the BJP, though their opinions are divided. Some, including senior deputy mayor Kuljit Singh Bedi, have cleared that they won’t join the BJP but would support Amarjit Sidhu from outside, for the progress of Mohali and its people, some other councillors have stated that neither they would join the BJP nor support Sidhu. 

Meanwhile, there are 11 such councillors who belong to the “Azad group” under the leadership of AAP MLA Kulwant Singh, who is also keeping a close watch on the entire situation. As per the media reports, the Aam Aadmi Party is also trying to figure out the possibilities for its Mayor in the Mohali MC. According to the sources, the current mayor Amarjit Singh Sidhu, who recently joined the BJP, claims the support of 16 councillors. 

In this entire political battle, the state Congress leadership has also actively jumped to retain the Mohali MC. The INC is all set to bring a no-confidence motion and challenge Amarjit Singh Sidhu to prove his majority.

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