Money Heist 5 Trailer: Netflix Drops The Release Date Of 5th & The Final Part Of The Show

Source: Netflix India

Finally, the mysteries are going to be solved, all the suspense, all the drama, the Heist comes to an end.

Netflix has made the official announcement that Money Heist or La Casa De Papel will conclude itself with its 5th and the Last Part which is going to be released in 2 volumes. The first volume is set to release on 3 September and the second volume will release on 3 December.

The end of a legacy. One of the most successful Netflix releases ever ‘Le Casa De Papel’ is finally coming out this year. The show called ‘La Casa De Papel’ in Spanish and ‘Money Heist’ in English, is one of the most loved shows on Netflix. The 4th part of the show had come out on 3 April, 2020, and the audience has been living on the edge since the day. 

The fans are already super excited for the show. There had been various guesses on the official release date of the show but none of them were confirmed. The fans had been requesting the makers to break silence on the release date and now, the silence has been broken and we are here with the official release dates.

Book the dates for yourself, 3 September and 3 December, the Heist finally concludes. Are you going to binge watch the entire season in one night or take the healthier route?

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