Monica Gill Bashes Sonam Bajwa And Neeru Bajwa For Working With Zee Media

It’s well known that Punjabi Industry is the hub of new controversies. Recently Punjabi actress Monica Gill bashed actresses Sonam Bajwa and Neeru Bajwa for doing shows for Zee Media. 

We all know the farmers’ protest is still going on where the farmers are protesting against the government’s latest ordinances in the farm bills. And to support them, Punjabi celebrities and the people are boycotting Bollywood and the biased media as well. When it comes to national media, there is almost no one which is standing by the farmers, and Zee Media is one among them too.

Sonam Bajwa recently did a show called “Dil Diyan Gallan” for Zee Punjabi channel in which she interviewed many Punjabi celebrities. The show received a lot of backlash from the public. And now it is known that Punjabi actress Neeru Bajwa is also ready to host another show for Zee Punjbai.

Monica Gill clearly didn’t like this and didn’t hesitate in raising her voice and expressing her opinion openly on social media. In her recent tweets she not only bashed Sonam Bajwa and Neeru Bajwa for the same but also advised Neeru to cancel the contract to avoid counter reaction from the people.

She uploaded a tweet asking about is there any other Punjabi actress who is coming up with a show on Zee. She tweeted,

“Is there another prominent Punjabi Actress coming out with a show on ZEE?

Especially after all the hurt sentiments and heartache the first time around?”

And; later she herself replied to the tweet and bashed Sonam & Neeru.

“Honestly, Sonam Bajwa, I don’t give a rat’s ass about, I’ve never had much respect for her.

But Neeru Bajwa? Did NOT expect this from her… wow.”

She also shared a screenshot of a user review on IMDB about Sonam Bajwa’s show Dil Diyan Gallan and warned Neeru Bajwa for the same kind of counter-reaction.

Not to forget Monica Gill has been supporting the farmers since long and is very active and open about it on social media. For now neither Sonam, nor Neeru have replied or made any comment in reply to Monica’s statements.

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