Moon Bound Review: Prem Dhillon & Bir Singh Bring A Much Needed Soul-Resting Track

Moon Bound Review: Prem Dhillon & Bir Singh Bring A Much Needed Soul-Resting Track

In the phase of the Punjabi Music Industry where pumped up, up-beat, dance and gangster songs have become a trend, songs like Moon Bound are what excites the audience. Moon Bound has been officially released on Prem Dhillon’s Youtube Channel and just when the first word falls on your ears, the song seems to transfer you to a world of peace.

The lyrics of the song have been written by Bir Singh, so they are bound to be as beautiful as deep. When Bir Singh’s right-from-the-heart words are given a life by Prem Dhillon’s melody-filled voice, a track like Moon Bound is the result. Moon Bound is a soul-resting song in the truest terms. You feel like you are at peace, away from the daily worries, the hustle & bustle of life, the fear of not staying behind the time and you are just living the moment, with yourself.

It is not new to hear a song about how the artist of the song is a gangsta or how he can shut down his haters, what is new today in the industry is to hear a song about the artist putting his feelings on the table with a beat that rests your body not pumping it. Opi Music has been working with Prem Dhillon for a while now and everytime they both come together, it feels like this duo was destined for this song.

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It is also a fresh song for Prem Dhillon after a while. Prem has been singing gangster tracks lately and the audience wanted something of the Just A Dream touch again, and here is our man with a song of the same vibe. You definitely want to listen to this song when you are alone and want to give you a moment of rest and listen to something quality. 

Be ready to add this one to your ‘Night-time’ or ‘Soothing’ playlists because it definitely deserves a spot there. The Prem-Bir-Opi trio has come out with a beautiful song and we recommend you to listen to the melody once for sure. 

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