Moosa Jatt Trailer Review: The 5911 Is Going To Fight The Evil In The Action Packed Movie

1 October, the date set for the release of one of the most awaited films of the year, Moosa Jatt, is closing in. It will mark the acting debut of Sidhu Moosewala as a lead actor. The official trailer for the movie has now been dropped on Youtube and it reveals a lot about what we are going to watch in the movie.

The starting scene shows young Sidhu talking about his father, grandfather and himself. He compares his family to tractors and calls himself 5911, a name given to him by his fans. Then comes the grand entry of the main man himself, ‘Moosa from Mansa’. Sidhu Moosewala carries an intense look throughout the trailer and the plot of the movie, as revealed by the trailer, hints that he’s going to carry the same intensified look for the most part of the movie.

Moosa Jatt is not going to be some light comedy thematic movie. Sidhu Moosewala is known for writing songs about guns, revenge and strength and Moosa Jatt is a similar story. One thing is for sure that we are going to witness a lot of gunfights and action in the movie. The 6 ft standing tall build of Sidhu Moosewala and his expressions make him completely suitable for the type of role required for the movie.

It is also going to have a light touch of romance. Sidhu Moosewala romances Sweetaj Brar in the film, which is also her acting debut. The trailer’s been directed by Tru Makers film who have also worked with Sidhu Moosewala in many of his music videos and their chemistry is very well visible on the screen. The dusty touch to the video grading also gives a raw and intense feel to the movie.

We will finally get to watch Sidhu in this avatar of his on 1 October. It is going to be a lot more different watching Sidhu speak dialogues instead of his usual vocals, but we are sure the audience is going to like it. One of the biggest stars of the industry is coming up with a brilliant movie. We are sure the audience is going to show their love for Moosa Jatt.

Watch the official trailer of Moosa Jatt here:

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