Moose Jattana Extended Her Support For Afsana Khan, Says ‘She NOT Just Represents Punjab’

Afsana Khan’s outburst followed by her deportation from the Bigg Boss 15 house has left the viewers and fans of the show split up. Some believe that the Punjabi singer went bad with her words and actions.

Others are sending her love and courage to cope up with whatever she is dealing with. Moreover, her verbal spat with Rajiv Adatia has garnered much attention too. Celebrities of the television industry who are die-hard viewers of the show have spoken about all that happened. But former Bigg Boss OTT contestant and social media influencer Moose Jattana has not only extended her support but slammed the trolls which are circulating for the Punjabi singer.

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Moose Jattana shared a series of stories on her Instagram story where she can be seen praising the actor and triggering her mental health, emotions and more. She shares a comment from some user who has used unfair words for Afsana and makes fun of her. He wrote ‘Bezati kra k ghr peji agleya ne’. This triggered Jattana and she shared a long note about this. She stated, thousands of such comments are flooding all over the internet which shows so much hatred and trolling from the Punjabi community. If she has insulted everyone and punjab then  who all are speaking just do something which makes each and every one us proud.

She then supported her and praised her. Moose wrote, “Other than being punjabi Afsana is a beautiful woman with a lively personality. She is a singer and has many identities. She is NOT just punjabi.”She is going through a mental health problem which millions of Indians are also suffering from!”, she added. 

It is not tej sports, in which she is responsible for representing her state. She is a singer and is not trained about all this. Moose further added, ‘I got the same scrutiny from Punjab,  time after time even though my nationality is Australian.’

In another thread, she wrote about how it is difficult to survive in the Bigg Boss house. But now her own people are trolling and insulting her which demotivates her. She advised her ‘to ignore the backward thinking trolls’. As in two weeks everyone will forget this incident which they are now making a big deal about, she added.

Moose further added and requested the audience “to let artists go and live their lives. They have many personalities and identities. They have their whole life other than trying to always represent Punjab.”

In other stories she shared about the up-gradation in thinking of Punjab and how it will succeed “if we would explore and stop spreading troll and hatred towards each other.”

Moreover, while some are supporting her and hoping for her to find the right path. And a few other viewers thrashed Shamita Shetty for being ‘insensitive’ towards Afsana too.

Speaking of Moosa Jattana, she was a former contestant of Bigg Boss OTT Format. Along with being a social influencer, she is a social activist too and throws light on women’s rights and major issues in society.  And now she is again making headlines as Nishant Bhatt, her former connection has requested Bigg Boss to send Moose Jattana inside the house.

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