Moose Jattana Reveals About Her Sexual Orientation, Comes Out To Be Bisexual

Moose Jattana Reveals About Her Sexual Orientation, Comes Out To Be Bisexual

It’s not even a week and Bigg Boss OTT contestants are making headlines. One among them is Muskaan Jattana popularly known as Moose Jattana. She has been surging all over the internet since she joined the reality show which is available on Voot. Earlier, in one of the episodes, Akshara Singh broke down into tears after Moose Jattana hurtful comments to her. Akshara had told everyone that she will be maintaining a distance from her as she had been rude to her.

And recently Moose Jattana revealed that she is bisexual. The conversation started when Pratik Sehajpal asked her to chop vegetables and do some household work, as it will help her after marriage. She further said that her mom has asked her to find some eligible girl for marriage. He was shocked and the conversation went on.

She told Pratik, “I am more attracted to boys. On the spectrum, the connection with a girl is more important to me. When it comes to marriage, I would like to marry a girl if I develop a strong relationship with the person.”

This 20-year old social media influencer, Moose Jattana is popular on Instagram. She is also vocal about socio-political issues.

If talking about the show, it has quite a few exposures from its contestants as they open up about their lives with each other. Shamita Shetty, too, had alleged that choreographer and co-contestant Nishant Bhat had ‘crossed the line’ with her in the past.

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