Moosetape Teaser Out: Sidhu Moosewala Has Finally Dropped The Release Date Of Moosetape

The craze for Sidhu Moosewala has reached another level. His fans keep on proving this again and again. And this time, they’ve done the unimaginable, the impossible! Sidhu Moosewala had uploaded a post on his Instagram account, asking the fans to drop 5 million comments for making Sidhu’s most awaited album Moosetape’s teaser go live and announcement of its release date. And now, the target has been achieved. No, we couldn’t believe it too, but when it’s Sidhu Moosewala, anything’s possible.

As Sidhu promised. The fans have their official teaser out on youtube. The official teaser for Moosetape is finally out on Sidhu Moosewala channel on youtube.

The official release date for Moosetape has been revealed. Probably the most awaited album of the Punjabi music industry’s history will drop on 15 May, 2021. The enthusiasm of Sidhu’s fans is unimaginable. The reveal of the teaser and the release date has not only made Punjabi music fans excited but the whole world. It isn’t too much to say that Sidhu has become a global phenomenon. Let’s wait patiently for the day to arrive. 15/5/2021!!

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