Most Popular, Loved & Educated Chaiwalas Who Rose To Fame Through Social Media

India is a country of people who don’t only love chai but are obsessed with it. The connection of Indians with tea is old and inseparable. But still, selling tea is a phrase that’s usually used to taunt or demotivate someone also. Yes, that’s ironic, because in India, even the man with the highest post has once sold tea. And just like him, there are some people who have crossed these bars set by society and have proved that there’s no shame in selling tea. They are well educated, intelligent and dedicated to their business. 

We have collected the five most popular and educated tea sellers who proudly sell tea, are well educated and rose to fame through social media. Their stories are as strong and empowering as a Kadak Masala Chai

Here Are 5 Most Popular Teas Sellers In India 

Graduate Chaiwala

Sadan Chhetri is the young boy behind the super success of Graduate Chaiwala. He belongs to Kokrajhar, Assam, left the city after completing his bachelor’s degree and came to Guwahati to sell tea. His roadside stall located the flyover in Ganeshguri, where he sells tea in kulhad pots. Talking about the USP of his business, he said that he has a unique masala and he plans to expand his business all over India. Also, he revealed that he doesn’t believe in the concept of jobs.  

B.Com Chaiwala

B. Com Chaiwala, is the startup, identity and hard work of a 23 old young boy who strongly believes that no job is small or big. He sells tea outside Blessings Banquet Hall, Kokar, Ranchi and he started this so that he doesn’t have to ask his parents for money. He has kept his business a secret from his bank manager father and mother. He says his parents will not accept his work, hence he will reveal his identity and his business to his parents when he becomes successful. 

Engineer Chaiwala

Suman Kar and Sumit Kar, two brothers from West Bengal joined hands and started their venture called Engineer Chaiwala. Suman, the elder brother, holds a diploma degree in automobile engineering and his brother Sumit is a mechanical engineer too. But they quit their jobs as they were not paid enough and started selling tea. Talking about their business, Sumit says, “I want to reach out to many more people in the coming days with the taste of our tea. I want to take the business forward by collaborating with my father.”

MBA Chaiwala

Prafull Billore from MP is the brilliant mind behind the concept of MBA Chaiwala. He has built a 4 Crore turnover business by selling tea. His journey started from a roadside stall and now he is the owner of a 50 outlet pan India company. He did MBA, but failed CAT exams thrice. And to surprise you even more, MBA in MBA Chaiwala stands for Mr Billore Ahmedabad. 

MA English Chaiwali

Tuktuki Das from West Bengal is another sensational tea seller who made headlines. She completed her Masters in English in 2020 and was aspiring for a government job. But when she couldn’t get a job, she finally decided to sell tea and started the business in November 2021. Her shop is located in North 24 Parganas. 

These are just the stories of five tea sellers out of many youngsters who took the initiative and risks to build their own start-ups. It’s rightly said that there is no right age to start working for your dreams, and dedication and hard work leads you the way to success.

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