Movie – “The Kerala Story” Claims 32,000 Women Converted By ISIS: Sparks Controversy!

The much awaited movie – The Kerala Story’s teaser is finally out, however, it has also brought in numerous controversies. Notably, the Sudipto Sen-directed and Vipul Amrutlal Shah-produced film tells the story of hundreds of females who have been converted and smuggled to the Islamic State and their plight. Surprisingly, the movie says that more than 32,000 women from Kerala have been converted and trafficked into the Islamic states.

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The teaser starts with a woman saying, “I was Shalini Unnikrishnan and I wanted to become a nurse, but now my name is Fatima Ba, an Islamic State terrorist in Afghanistan’s Jail. I’m not the only one, there are 32,000 girls like me who have been converted and buried in the deserts of Syria and Yemen.” However, these figures and facts, as soon as the teaser was out, had been questioned. 

The movie’s announcement was made in March this year, when it was said that it’s based on the plight of thousands of women who have been converted and trafficked to the Islamic states in the last 10 years. Furthermore, Sen, the director of the movie, revealed that since 2009, more than 32,000 girls from Christian and Hindu community, have been converted to Islam, ending up being trafficked to Syria, Afganistan and other Islamic countries.

Two people were charged in July 2018 for allegedly helping a person named Muhammad Riyaz who was trying to convert a woman, take her to Syria, and sell her. Moreover, the woman claimed that she was coerced into participating in a training programme at a Bengaluru Madrasa. Additionally, she said that she learned that Riyaz intended to send her to Syria as a sex worker. She added that after her conversion, Riyaz had received cash from an unspecified source.

Likewise, there have been a lot of such cases in the last few years which came into light. However, the movie – The Kerala Story is under numerous controversies since its teaser has been released. Based on a journalist’s complaint against Sudipto Sen’s film, Kerala’s DGP has ordered the police chief in Thiruvananthapuram to file a police report (FIR). The assertions made in the movie are now being questioned. Similarly, the Congress party has also demanded that the movie be prohibited.

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