‘Mubarak Hookah’, Who Put Khanda Symbol On Hookah, Apologizes For Hurting Sikh Sentiments

‘Khanda’ is the most sacred symbol of the Sikh community. It is the symbol of Sikh faith. A Hookah making company named ‘Mubarak Hookah’ had used the symbol in a way that the Sikh community did not like to the least. The Hookah making company used the Sikh insignia ‘Khanda’ to advertise their Hookah products. It was used as a decoration on Hookahs.

The Sikh community could not tolerate this action by Mubarak Hookah. The community started flooding the comments on the official post on Mubarak Hookah’s Instagram page. They considered it a disrespect to their symbol of utmost faith and sanctity. 

The company immediately realised their mistake, seeing immense backlash coming in from the Sikh community. It wasn’t late when the makers came up with their sincere apologies for being ignorant and hurting the sentiments of the Sikh religion.

In the Retraction Letter, The Mubarak Hookah apologised for making the mistake of using the Khanda Symbol for their products, causing pain in the Sikh community and disappointing them. It also assured the community to immediately stop the production of the Hookahs with the Sikh Symbol on them and manufacture the products without the insignia. 


As of now, all the posts of the Hookah with the Khanda symbol have been removed from the official website. The company has also revealed their new line of Hookahs, without the sacred Sikh symbol. 

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