Multiple Fake Profiles Spreading Adult Content Using Sikh Hashtags

Instagram has been a platform for people to convey and express their opinion on various issues and topics going on in the country. But there are times when it is proved wrong. This time we have noticed that there are various fake pages and profiles on Instagram which are spreading adult images and videos by using #Sikh and #Sikhism hashtags with them.

This is definitely an act of degrading one religion which we don’t think is something to be appreciated. 

Censored content is not allowed to be posted publicly on any of the social media platforms. And that is why the people who are posting such things are either using fake profiles or fake pages.

But they might now know that this is a punishable offense and if noticed they would have to face some serious consequences. 

Social media is a platform which is used to spare entertaining elements mainly and sharing inappropriate content in the name of religion is not at all funny or entertaining.
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