Munda Southall Da Movie Review: With Apt Performances & Emotions, This Movie Makes A Suitable Watch

StarcastArmaan Bedil, Tanu Grewal, Iftikhar Thakur, Sarbjit Cheema, Preet Aujla, Goldboy, Robin, Gurpreet Bhangu, Malkeet Rauni & Prito
DirectorSukh Sanghera
Kiddaan Rating

Armaan Bedil’s debut! We are talking about the newest Punjabi movie that has just got released in cinemas around the world. Armaan’s entry into Punjabi movie industry with the latest release Munda Southall Da. Munda Southall Da featuring Armaan Bedil and Tanu Grewal in the lead roles has been helmed by the renowned no-more-just-a-music-video-director Sukh Sanghera and is now available for the viewers to watch. But a Munda Southall Da movie review is necessary before you make a decision. 

Sukh Sanghera has broadened his wings to bring out the best from the actors as well as the supporting cast and this is one of the reasons you should not miss watching this movie. Not providing you with many spoilers and insight into the movie, we have the Munda Southall Da movie review for you before you go and watch the movie on big screens.  


The story of Munda Southall Da revolves around two individuals named Arjun and Raavi who meet in a foreign country and fall in love with each other. The 2 fierce souls meet happily but fall apart tragically, taking in terms some unfortunate events. Arjun and Raavi’s separation is not something natural or mutual rather the decision gets forcibly put into action due to their families which shows how children keep their parents as the priority before anything, no matter even if it is ‘Love’. 

Raavi is asked to marry a guy who is based in England, eventually unfolding some unpleasant events in the lives of both Arjun and Raavi. Moving further in the story, Raavi’s son comes as an aid to both of them. Munda Southall Da features Shane Grover who has played the role of Raavi’s son in the movie. He comes as an asset to both the leads as he decides to bring Arjun back into the life of Raavi after long 8 years. 

How the events unfold and where the story takes place, it will only be unveiled when you visit the cinemas. 

Acting & Performances 

Coming to the performance’s section, Armaan Bedil has made his movie debut with Munda Southall Da and has surely impressed with his first appearance on the big screens. Armaan has finely played the character of Arjun and to be honest we didn’t expect something extra-ordinary from his end in his first ever movie, he still managed to shine bright in the entire movie. The special mention comes to his performance after Tanu Grewal’s character exits from his life for a while and is appreciable. 

Tanu Grewal as Raavi brings out her untamed side in Munda Southall Da and marks as one of her finest roles. Her unmatched strength as a lead actress makes her gleam on the screens. 

Then comes the very prolific actor, Iftikhar Thakur. Playing the role of Allu Allrounder, Iftikhar is seen missing a mint of his humor. The very usual act that we are familiar with is seen getting missed at points by this actor, which has kept him just a ‘Supporting’ character. 

Apart from them, Munda Southall Da features debutant Goldboy who played the role of Teji, has done a nice job. Robin as Omar, Preet Aujla as Susan, Sarbjit Cheema as Gurmukh Gill and Shane Grover as Daler have sparkled the screens with their presence. 

Writing & Direction 

How can we doubt the talent that Sukh Sanghera acquires. We have already witnessed his rich talent in the music videos directed by him and the same has been put into Munda Southall Da. Sukh Sanghera has played his part as the captain of the ship by writing and directing this latest release. The story comes out to be a unique one with outstanding cinematography by Sam Malhi. 

Music & Dialogues

Music of Munda Southall Da is one of the main elements that makes this movie an amazing one. Songs like Bezubaan by Armaan Bedil and Koshish by Prem Dhillon have come out as the melodious tracks from this movie, adding extra points to the screenplay.

Dialogues on the other hand are well-written, but what feels missing at places is the punch of humor and comedy by the actors. A little bit of extra work could have saved the comic part of the movie. 


All-inclusive, Munda Southall Da deserves the audience in the theaters. With amazing characters, music and direction, this Armaan Bedil and Tanu Grewal starrer is a one-time watch for sure. This was an honest Munda Southall Da movie review and Kiddaan rates this movie 3.5 out of 5. 

Plan for a decent movie time with your family and partners this weekend with Munda Southall Da. It is now available in cinemas worldwide for the audience. Book your tickets and experience this emotional yet lovely drama on big screens.

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