Munda Southall Da: Haters Destroy The Posters Of Film With Bl*de And Kn*ves

Helmed by ace director Sukh Sanghera, the Munda Southall Da stars Armaan Bedil and Tanu Grewal. The film was released on 4 August 2023 worldwide and received immense love from audiences. 

However today, the actors and the makers of the film have shared a reel on their respective Instagram handles showing how some international haters are destroying the posters of the film by tearing them down. They are cutting out the portion which shows the dates and all the details of the film. 

Armaan Bedil took to his Instagram account and explained everything in the reel about how haters used bl*des to destroy the posters. However he did not express anger, instead he blessed the haters and sent them good wishes. 

Film’s director Sukh Sanghera also shared a picture of the destroyed poster on his Instagram handle. The director was very calm about the situation and he wrote that “it doesn’t matter. . By doing this you cannot stop our wellwishers and fans from loving us.. People who have worked hard and rose from the bottom are protected by god.. Stay happy and blessed.. Keep supporting us as much as you can”

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