Munda Southall Da Trailer REVIEW: 2 Fierce Souls Meet Happily But Fall Apart Tragically

The newest addition to upcoming Punjabi movies is Armaan Bedil and Tanu Grewal starrer Munda Southall Da. Its trailer is now out and is already getting a good response from the audience in mass. The trailer of Munda Southall Da is live on the official Youtube channel Pink Pony Films and has grabbed over 1 Million views by now. 

The trailer starts with the introduction of Tanu Grewal’s character Raavi with beautiful lines in the voice of Prem Dhillon, who has led his voice for one of the songs from the movie. It moves further and we get to go deep into the characters of Armaan Bedil and Tanu Grewal as Arjun and Raavi respectively. 

Munda Southall Da’s trailer showcases all such fun elements in it that make viewers stick to it. With characters like Iftikhar Thakur, Gurpreet Bhangu and newest surprising addition Goldboy, the starcast looks promising. Moreover, our favorite music video director, who is no longer just a video director, has played his part as a writer as well as director for this forthcoming movie. 

Coming to the story of Munda Southall Da, it goes steadily as a lovely tale of two fierce people meeting and falling for each other but it is not same throughout. As we go forward in the trailer, we get to see how things fall apart between both the lead characters played by Armaan Bedil and Tanu Grewal and how the former gets his career & life table turned. 

The story definitely looks appealing and there is not even a single thing that can keep us away from not seeing this movie in theaters on 4th of August. Moreover, the main element why you should not miss Munda Southall Da is that it is Armaan Bedil’s debut Punjabi movie and he will be seen as the main lead for any film on big screens for the first time ever. 

We are very sure about the fact that you have liked the trailer and believe us, we did it too. Produced by Mandeep Hundal, Direction of Photography by Sam Malhi, Munda Southall Da has an amazing team behind it, so let’s just wait for 4th August so that we can see this exciting movie in cinemas. 

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