Music Director THE BOSS Reveals How Teeje Week Turned A Single From Duet

Punjabi Music producer The Boss is known for producing the music for various Punjabi hit songs. He was also the music director of the hit single by Jordan Sandhu, Teeje Week. Teeje Week is probably Jordan Sandhu’s career’s biggest hit ever. Did you know that it wasn’t initially planned to be a single. Jordan Sandhu wanted to release the song as a duet. How did it end up as a single then? Learn about the story.

It was The Boss’ birthday party, when Jordan brought Teeje Week to his notice for the first time. While everyone had dinner, Jordan sang the song to The Boss. As it is said, “Only a jeweller knows the true assay of a Diamond.” The Boss got impressed by the song at the first instance, but it was planned to be a duet back then. The Boss agreed to make the song on the spot, but demanded Jordan to release it as a single. The always-cooperative Jordan did not show any resentment and welcomed the suggestion. The song was made and dubbed on 7 October, 2017 and officially came before the audience in 2018. 

A song is just a 3 minute-video playing with audio for us, but what goes into making that 3-minute video, only the makers of the song know. It is always so interesting to hear the backstories of such projects. Keep connected with team Kiddaan to get to know about such exclusive insights of your favorite songs, movies and artists. 

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