Muzical Doctorz SukhE Parted With Mukta Chopra, Requests Privacy In His Life

Muzical Doctorz SukhE Parted With Mukta Chopra, Requests Privacy In His Life

Love, relationships and break-ups are hard to handle for even the biggest of celebrities, especially those who have gone all out giving relationship advice to the whole country in the past when they were together. However, what is important is to preserve your sanity in all of this madness. Having your chin up and maintaining immense grace while dealing with a breakup – ex-couple singer Sukh-E and Model and actress Mukta Chopra seem to be doing the same but they are not exactly winning at that.

Mukta Chopra made her name in the field of beauty and creative lifestyle. She has also featured in SukhE’s song ‘All Black’. The duo enjoys a huge fan following together. She has also participated in MTV Splitsvilla Season 7.

Now, as we all know there are many fan pages of these artists and their fans generally share their actors’ individual pictures, their girlfriend/boyfriend pictures or family pictures. But some pictures create a lot of issues in an artist’s personal life. And Singer SukhE is facing the same now. 

He took to Instagram and shared a story to request his fans and fan pages to not tag and mention Sukh-E along with Mukta in a couple posts. As both of them have split apart from so long and moved on in their life. He doesn’t blame himself or Mukta for the breakup but says according to time people change and some things are not meant for forever. 

Read his message here:

It is against our norms to invade someone’s privacy. Though we live in a democratic country, we don’t have the right to speak about them. 

Hope people will shortly understand this and leave the artists and their personal life until and unless they don’t disclose anything. 

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