“My Brother Does Not Like Your Song.” When Shinda Grewal Said This To Badshah On Face

Videos of Gippy Grewal’s sons, Ekomkar Grewal, Gurfateh Grewal (popularly known as Shinda), and Gurbaaz Grewal trend all over the internet. Their popularity and fame is increasing with every passing day. People shower lots of love in  the comment sections of their videos.

Their jolly nature and michiefs aur now known to everyone on the internet. However, you will be amazed to know that Gippy Grewal raises his sons in a very normal way. He says to his kids that just like the parents of their friends go to the office and earn, the same way, he goes to act in movies and earn. He keeps his stardom away from his kids. 

Even if Badshah visits Gippy Grewal at his place, Gippy’s kids don’t treat him like a star. They just feel like Badshah ‘chacha’ has come to pay a random visit. Years ago, during a casual visit of Badshah at Gippy Grewal’s house, Shinda (Gippy’s son) told Badshah that his elder brother did not like ‘Dj Waley Babu’ song. Gippy’s sons don’t give any special preference to Gippy’s star friends as they have not been taught in a way to treat stars differently.

In an interview, Gippy Grewal said, “A very famous star once told me that his son was once playing cricket with other children. When his wicket fell, the kid said that he did not get out. Other kids agreed with him just because he is a star kid. Even while playing with his parents, he did not admit his defeat and expected everyone to treat him like a star only.”

Gippy believes that kids shall not get that star feeling in their initial years, as that might lead to a bad impact on their future and that is why he keeps the lives of his kids just like any normal child.

Not only a great artist, but Gippy is definitely an amazing father. We wish Gippy and his family many years of togetherness and happiness.

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