Namaste Curry Police (Japanese Song) Upsets Indian Audience, Receives Massive Backlash

A Japanese youtube channel with over 1.18 million subscribers on youtube, named Candy Foxx, has become the reason behind India’s disappointment. The channel recently uploaded a music video, Namaste Curry Police, which caused backlash from the Indians.

The public blamed the video for promoting stereotypical images of Indians. They blamed the video for being an attack against their very identity and culture. 

The video shows two men, in the traditional Rajasthani outfits, completely mad for the Indian dish, Curry. They dream of visiting every country in the world and serve Curry. The duo reached Japan after 20 years and set up a Curry devoted restaurant in Japan.

The Japanese people go mad for Curry and stand in queues all night. While the Meta of the video is not too deep, Indians took it personally. Indians have an international stereotype all over the world, for being massive Curry lovers. People blamed the video for promoting this stereotype. 

The video also brought two other Japanese YouTubers to the court of Indians. A part of the video showed a Japanese girl speaking Hindi, this made people think suspicious if it is“Mayo Japan”, a Japanese YouTuber who makes India-centric videos and speaks Hindi. However, Mayo was soon to offer an official clarification, as she said in an official statement that she has no connections to the song. 

Another Japanese YouTuber “Namaste Kohei” featured in the video. His content generally focuses on playing the violin to Hindi songs. He too speaks Hindi. People were quick to troll the YouTuber for featuring in the video. However, the artist has also offered his apology for the action and apologized to Indians on behalf of Japan for hurting their sentiments.

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