Name Of Matka Chowk Changed To Baba Labh Singh Chowk On Google Maps And Uber

The name of the famous Matka Chowk in Chandigarh has been changed on Google Maps and Uber. The new name of the landmark is Baba Labh Singh, after the brave elderly Baba Labh Singh. The change of the name is visible on Google Maps and Uber apps.

The name of the historical landmark has been changed after Baba Labh Singh. Baba Labh Singh is an elderly Nihang Singh. He’s become the face of the revolutionary farmer’s protest going on in the country, demanding the central government to repeal the three agricultural bills passed last year. 

He, along with some of his followers, set up his tent at the Matka Chowk and protested against the bills. He was soon removed by the Police of the area and taken to the Police station in Sector 17. The public soon started protesting outside the Police station and Baba Ji was released after six hours and allowed to continue protesting with some conditions.

The elderly Baba Labh Singh, known as ‘Baba Ji or ‘Bapu Ji’ has been protesting at the Matka Chowk since 6 March. His age, physical pains and frailness did not stop him from becoming not only a part of a revolutionary protest but the very face of it. He’s inspired millions of people to raise their voice for the rights of the farmers and not give up until justice is served. And now, to honor his contributions to the protest, the name of Matka Chowk has been changed to his name on Google Maps and Uber. 

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