“What Nationalism Means To Him?’: Nana Patekar Slams Naseeruddin Shah For His Comments On Gadar 2

Gadar 2 starring Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel is roaring high at the box office. The film has earned more than ₹500 crores and is still running at the theaters. 

Recently Naseeruddin Shah made some offensive remarks on Gadar 2 and The Kerala Story that have pissed the makers and those involved in the film. 

What did Naseeruddin Shah say? 

In an exclusive interview with the Free Press Journal, Naseeruddin Shah said “What these people don’t realise is that what they are doing is very harmful. In fact, films like Kerala Story and Gadar 2, I haven’t seen them but I know what they are about, it’s disturbing that films like Kashmir Files are so massively popular whereas films made by Sudhir Mishra, Anubhav Sinha, and Hansal Mehta, who are trying to portray the truth of their times don’t get seen.”

How did Nana Patekar react? 

After these comments, Nana Patekar gave a befitting reply to Naseeruddin Shah. For the unversed, Nana Patekar acted as the narrator of the film lending his intense voice to the film. 

Nana Patekar while speaking to the Times Of India said “Did you ask Naseer what nationalism means to him? According to me, showing love for the nation is nationalism and it is not a bad thing.”

He further added “The kind of film Gadar is, it will have that kind of content and I have not seen The Kerala Story, so I cannot comment on that.”

Even the director and producer of Gadar 2, Anil Sharma reacted to Naseeruddin Shah’s comments and said , “I am a fan of his acting. If he has made those statements, I would like to request him to watch my film, he will certainly change his opinion. Naseer saab (Naseeruddin Shah) knows pretty well that I have alw ays made films for the sake of the masala, and never (has) political agenda (been a part of my films).”

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