Nana Patekar Faces Backlash As He Slaps Boy Taking Selfie With Him On Film Set; Watch Netizens Reaction

Nana Patekar, a versatile and accomplished actor in Indian cinema, has left an indelible mark with his compelling performances. Renowned for his intense portrayals, he seamlessly transitions between intense drama and light-hearted roles.

Recently, a viral video is circulating online, showing him slapping a fan on the back of the head for trying to interrupt his shoot and take a selfie. Nana Patekar was shooting for his upcoming project “Journey,” filmed in Varanasi and was observed giving a young boy a slap on the back of his head. 

Moreover, a team member standing beside the actor is observed guiding the boy away from the actor, grabbing his neck.

The video is doing rounds on the Internet and following the video circulating online, a multitude of responses flooded the internet. 

The comments made on the video were clearly stating that people are extremely angry with Nana Patekar’s just gesture. ” U call this taking a firm stand? Ridiculous! This is rude behavior and unacceptable, “one said.

“Reality Of Bollywood”, “Outrageous Behavior”, “Who gave him the right!”, “It was not expected from a senior actor”. These were some comments made on the internet in reaction to the video.

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