Navpreet Kloty Becomes The First Ever Sikh To Present An Apple Event

A moment of pride for the sikh community, Navpreet Kloty has become the first ever sikh man to present an Apple event. On Tuesday, Navpreet achieved this feat by presenting the all new iMac by Apple. Apple is the second most valuable brand in the world, leading one of it’s events is a huge achievement for Navpreet.

Navpreet works as the Engineering Program Manager for Mac Architecture. Take a look at his official profile :

The video mainly focussed on various technological advancements in the all new Apple iMac. Navpreet presented the latest updates in the product. For this achievement, Navpreet received worldwide recognition. Several media pages and stars applauded Navpreet. It is a big positive step by Apple, a representation of their ethics. No doubt Apple is one of the biggest brands in the world, because they keep setting examples for the world.

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