Neeru Bajwa Shares Throwback Picture Of A Beautiful Father-Daughter Moment

Neeru Bajwa decided to start her day with a throwback picture of herself. The actress shared a cute snap of her wearing a turban. Though the picture might seem just an ordinary throwback picture of the actress, it holds valuable importance in Neeru’s life. Take a look at the throwback Instagram post before knowing why is it so memorable for Neeru :

The caption of the post is what makes it remarkable. It marked the day in Neeru’s life when her father placed the pride of Sikhs on her head and entrusted his belief in his daughter. He knew his daughter was born different and one day will shine like a bright star all over the world. 

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While Neeru’s father may have left the world, the actress has always made her father proud and proved that she is in fact his ‘Sher Putt’. The picture marks the day in Neeru Bajwa’s life when she, for the first time understood what women empowerment is. 

Her father trusted her and made her realize that girls are nowhere less than boys. It is only because of this day, that the actress felt a sense of responsibility given to her by her father, and just because of this, today, the name ‘Bajwa’ shines all over the world, because of a woman.

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