Neeru Bajwa Shuts Haters Trolling Her For Wearing Shorts. Check What She Said

Neeru Bajwa’s latest stunning photographs wearing a swimsuit with a Cheetah camo will deceive you. The mother of 3 children looks young and confident in the pool wearing that swimsuit that looks absolutely stunning on her perfect body. But the post isn’t just a regular one. There’s a befitting reply hidden in the post.

In the caption Neeru Bajwa revealed that an unwanted troll had commented on one of her earlier posts that she’s the mother of 3 children and is still wearing underwear. Neeru’s latest post is for that mom shamer, shutting him down with her beautiful swimsuit post.

She wanted the troll to know that being a mom does not change anything. She can still wear whatever she wants. Before kids, she looked stunning, after becoming a mother of 3 children, she looks stunning. 

The comment section of the post is the most beautiful thing on earth today. Celebrities and fans were seen showering their support for the actress and the way she stood for herself and gave a befitting reply to not just the troll who commented on her pic, but to everyone who is of the same ideology. 

Neeru Bajwa is a businesswoman, an actress, a wife, a mother and what not! But she does all of her roles so perfectly and at the same time does not forget her relationship with self. She keeps herself in shape, which makes her look stunning in any outfit she wears, even after becoming a mother of 3 children. She is surely an inspiration for everyone.

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