Neeru Talks About The Secret Behind Her Healthy & Maintained Body

Neeru Bajwa, no doubt is the fittest mother at her 40 despite having 3 girls. While managing her professional and personal life, she has still managed to maintain her body. Neeru frequently updates her fans with her workout and diet routine and everybody wants to know how she has managed it all in spite of all the changes her body went through.

In an interview, when asked how she overcame all the complications her body went through after being a mother and still coming back to shape, she answered “She has followed the same routine from the last 25 years that includes waking up and heading straight to the gym first thing in the morning and she always had a disciplined lifestyle. She kept it the same even during her pregnancy.”

Talking about it further, she added that “it’s a myth in our Indian households that they make you sit once you are pregnant and not let you work, but she believes that only if you are strong and healthy during the pregnancy, only then will you be able to keep your baby healthy and so she suggests to keep working out even during the pregnancy.”

Neeru had also made a promise to herself to be in her best shape at 40 and she surely kept her promise, becoming an inspiration for all of us. Talking about fitness and transformation, Neeru’s sister- Rubina Bajwa also went through a physical transformation and lost a lot of weight and is back in shape to slay.

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