Netizens Have Funniest Reactions To Bengaluru Man Who Hacked IndiGo Airlines Website To Locate His Lost Luggage

A tragic incident took place in Bengaluru where a software engineer has been creating a buzz on the internet for hacking Indian airline IndiGo’s website. The techie is named Nandan Kumar, who was traveling from Patna to Bangalore on an IndiGo flight and his luggage was mistakenly picked up by a co-passenger and the incident evoked Kumar to use his developer skills for his good.

Kumar shared his story of getting his luggage and also pointed out the flaws in the security of the IndiGo website. He took to Twitter and shared the whole story. The long thread reads, “So, I traveled from PAT – BLR from Indigo 6E-185 yesterday. And my bag got exchanged with another passenger. An honest mistake from both our ends. As the bags were exactly the same with some minor differences”. He then went on to specify that he called the customer care number and followed all protocols to locate his lost luggage.

Kumar successfully located the co-passenger and exchanged his bag. He also shared a list of security flaws addressing IndiGo to look into them.

After his long tweet thread, the official page of Indigo replied to Nandan Kumar and apologized for the trouble. 

Some of the Netizens started showing their concern and others came up with hilarious responses. Take a look:

Meanwhile, when digging into what is F12, we learned that when one presses F12, a set of developer tools opens up. It helps engineers look at requests and responses sent and received to and from a website server. And this is how Nandan successfully found the co-passenger and exchanged his bag.

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