New Labour Laws 2022 From July 1: From Working Hours, Working Days, PF To Take Home Salary, These Are The Changes

The new labour laws are expected to come into effect from July 1, today, according to which, the coroprate world in India is set to witness a lot of changes. From one’s take home salary to working hours, working days and PF, many big changes are expected if these labour laws are implemented.

By announcing their impending adoption, the Ministry of Labour and Employment has finalised the provisions under the four labour laws, opening the way for reforms to become a practical reality. After receiving the approval from the President, the four major codes on wages, labour relations, social security, and occupational safety, health, and working conditions (OSH) have already been informed.

The regular working hours may increase from 9 to 12 hours each day once the new labour code goes into effect. If a company chooses the 12-hour shift, the maximum number of days worked per week would be 4, with three required days off, with the total number of working hours for the week to be 48 hours.

As per the media reports, if these new laws comes into effect, for female employees, maternity leave will last for 26 weeks,

they cannot be forced to work in the night shift against their will by the employer, and adequate facilities and security must be provided to them.

Effect on the take-home salary:

The provident fund contribution is needed to be equal to 50% of gross compensation under the new regulations. The take-home pay will decrease as PF contributions from both the employer and the employees will rise.

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