New Zealand Announces New PR Scheme To Offer Residency To 1,65,000 Migrant Workers

New Zealand Announces New PR Scheme To Offer Residency To 1,65,000 Migrant Workers

Since 2019, all that has been talked about around the world is Coronavirus. The world witnessed the worst ever virus-breakdown of the century and was sent into a state of total lockdown. One country in particular, New Zealand, was praised all over the world for their wonderful response to the virus breakout and the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern received appreciation for handling the situation in her country.

But even after such efficient administration, the people of New Zealand suffered heavy losses during the virus. Now, to compensate for that, the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced a new Permanent Residency (PR) scheme to offer a one-off resident visa to about 1,65,000 migrant workers, whose residency applications were disrupted during the coronavirus.

This new Visa creates the path to residency easier for the migrant workers. It is to heavily benefit thousands of skilled health workers whose applications for residence were delayed during the coronavirus breakout.  

We are providing a way forward for our migrant families who have been long disrupted by Covid-19, while ensuring businesses have the certainty they need to plan into the future,” Immigration Minister Kris Faafoi said in a statement Thursday in Wellington. “We acknowledge the uncertainty and difficulties Covid-19 and our closed borders have caused our migrant community.”

The New Zealand Immigration estimates that the new one-off visa will include over 5000 health and aged care workers, 9000 primary industry workers, 15000 construction workers, 800 teachers and 12000 manufacturing workers. The visa is not only beneficial for the workers but also to their immediate family members.

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The Punjabi community has also reacted positively to the news. New Zealand is one of the most preferred countries by Punjabis to pursue their higher studies, a better lifestyle, more employment opportunities and settlement. Punjabi community in New Zealand was a major sufferer of the Coronavirus pandemic and now there is a ray of sunlight for the community with these new visas introduced.

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