New Zealand’s PM 3-Year Old Interrupting Her Official Live Session Is The Cutest Thing On The Internet

Everyday is a roller coaster ride and if we say that it is quite double for the women then you might give us a thumbs up to it too. And to be not doubted, kids are something that a mother cannot keep secondary. Netizens have recently caught a cute mother-daughter session during a Facebook live of the NZ Prime Minister. 

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was live on Facebook when her 3-year old toddler had a bedtime fail and she landed into the live session of her mother. The PM did an FB live session recently in which she discussed the country’s COVID response. And this is when her little daughter decided to interrupt her mother. 

When she was having a professional live talk, she suddenly saw Neve (Jacinda’s daughter) at the time when she was meant to be asleep by then. Jacinda asked her little one to get back to the bed and she will be back to her in a minute. This cute moment forced us and everybody to whisper ‘Awwww’ undoubtedly. 

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After this, she even asked the live viewers whether their kids also try to escape out of the bed at least 3-4 times after you make them sleep. But finally, it was Jacinda’s mother there who arrived on spot and took Neve with her and the former was much thankful to that in a lovable way.

This is a cute yet adorable video on the internet these days. Undeniably we can’t take our eyes off it any time soon. Isn’t it amazing to see how Jacinda Ardren is seen handling the powerful seat and the mother’s duties in her hands very beautifully without any flaws?

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