Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra Name Their Daughter Malti Marie. Here Is What It Means

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are enjoying the new phase of their lives as they have recently become parents for the first time. They welcomed their daughter on 15 January through surrogacy. And now, the name of their daughter has been revealed.

Reports suggest that Nick and Priyanka have named their daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas. Though the celebrity couple did not reveal the name officially, the child’s birth certificate submitted to TMZ has her name mentioned as ‘Malti Marie Chopra Jonas’. 

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Coming to the meaning of it, Malti is a Sanskrit origin word that means a small flower or moonlight. And Marie on the other hand is from the Latin Stella Maris which means the Star of the sea. It also has a biblical name as it’s the French version of the name Mary, the mother of Jesus. Also, the name of Priyanka-Nick’s daughter also has a connection with Priyanka’s mother. The full name of Priyanka’s mother Madhu Chopra is actually Madhumalti Chopra. 
It’s not hidden that Priyanka surely is very close to her mother and usually talks a lot about her in interviews and chat shows. Recently in a conversation with chat show host Lilly Singh, talking about motherhood and stating that she will never impose her dreams and beliefs upon her daughter, the actor said, “As a new parent right now, I keep thinking about that I will never be imposing my desires, fears, my upbringing on to my child. I have always believed that children come through you not from you. There is no belief like this is my child and I will shape everything.”

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