Nigah Marda Ayi Ve Movie Review: A Cute Love Story That Mostly Appeals To The Eyes

StarcastGurnam Bhullar & Sargun Mehta
DirectorRupinder Inderjit
Kiddaan Rating

The latest Punjabi movie Nigah Marda Ayi Ve stars Sargun Mehta and Gurnam Bhullar in the leading roles. We all have loved their cute on-screen chemistry in the film Surkhi Bindi, and now they are finally together once again. This time they have featured in a romantic-comedy movie, with lots of drama in it. And in this Nigah Marda Ayi Ve movie review, we have discussed the film in detail. 

If you’re a Sargun and Gurnam fan, you must have been waiting for the release of this film. And we are sure our Nigah Marda Ayi Ve review will help you to know all about the film’s story, music, dialogues and more. Everyone had high expectations from the film and this superhit pairing, now, let us find how well the project has landed to entertain the audience. 


As the trailer of the film has already hinted, Nigah Marda Ayi Ve is all about the unexpected love story of Gurnam Bhullar and Sargun Mehta. While Gurnam plays an illegal migrant Harman in the film, Sargun Mehta plays a chirpy girl Scarlette. And everything from how they meet and fall for each other is nothing less than a fairytale romance. 

We aren’t spoiling the fun for you by giving spoilers in this Nigah Marda Ayi Ve movie review, but we can surely reveal that the story of Harman and Scarlette is not the only love story in the film. In fact, it’s going to be more like a love square. After fighting a lot with different kinds of troubles, Harman and Scarlette finally accept their love for each other. But this is not where the story ends. There are more twists, and a lot more reserved for you, that you’ll only know when you’ll watch the film in the theaters.  

Also, this film will not offer you an exceptional or very unique story, but the adorable chemistry between the lead pair makes it look good. 

Acting & Performances 

In Kiddaan’s Nigah Marda Ayi Ve review, we are now heading to discuss the acting performances delivered by artists in this film. While Gurnam Bhullar and Sargun Mehta played the lead roles in this film, actors like Nisha Bano, Jasneet Kooner, Adi Chugh and more were also seen in supporting roles. And undoubtedly the casting of the film was amazing as every character filled in the spaces and delivered well. 

But talking about the leads, as the story mostly revolved around them, Gurnam Bhullar and Sargun Mehta were outstanding as expected. While we have already given the tag of everyone’s favourite chocolate boy to Gurnam, he is continuing to woo us again and again. He played a sweet yet charming guy who easily falls in love, but when he actually does, he falls hard. 

On the other hand, we are absolutely in love with Scarlette, played by Sargun Mehta. Sargent’s performance in the role of a ‘happy outside, but shattered inside’ girl looked so effortless on screen that the lady actually deserves appreciation. 

And apart from these, another show-stealer character that wins the show is Preeto Kaur played by Harjinder Kaur. Mark our words that she’ll grab all your attention every time she’s on screen, and don’t be bothered if she offers some ‘nagni’ to you too. 

Music & Dialogues 

We feel we hardly need to elaborate and discuss the music of the film in our Nigah Marda Ayi Ve review. And this is because we all have listened to the superhit tracks of the film which are doing wonders on social media and YouTube. Songs from this film like Mallo Malli, Rog Mera Yaar and Koke Vich Dil are already big hits and have become fan favorites. Every song adds charm to the overall feel of this film, and fortunately, they all are placed well too. 

And now, talking about the dialogue of the film, we feel the writers did fine but could have pulled it off with more effort. Glad there were no extra cheesy and lame dialogues in this romantic-comedy film, but we felt the absence of some exceptional and impactful dialogue in it. There indeed were some good dialogues in the film like, ‘Luttan Nu Beqaraar’, but their repetitive use highlighted the absence of better dialogues even more. 

Writing & Direction 

The film is written and directed by Rupinder Inderjit who had also helmed Sargun Mehta and Gurnam Bhullar’s first film together; Surkhi Bindi. It looks like his chemistry with this pair is actually good because this trio has proved to be amazing this time also. But talking about his writing and direction specifically in Nigah Marda Ayi Ve, we feel his focus on making the love story look cute was so overpowering that he ignored putting more effort in making the sequences crisp. 

At some points, the film felt boring and stretched, and we felt the need of a fast-forward button in our hands. The screenplay of the film was slow, but his direction was actually good. The film had various positive points, but its visual appeal tops the list without any second thoughts. 


To conclude the overall Nigah Marda Ayi Ve review, we can say, this film has so many little things to cheer up your mood. If you love watching light and cute love stories on the screen which won’t make you sob, this film is just for you. Also, apart from good performances, the average story, and some amazing characters, this film’s locations, color schemes, costumes and cinematography will also win your heart. We call this project a visual and cinematic success. 

This Sargun Mehta and Gurnam Bhullar starrer surely is a great entertainer and a perfect watch to spend a good time with friends and family. Yes, the film surely has some ups and some downs, but they all balance out as there is a lot in the film that compliments each other. As already mentioned, Nigah Marda Ayi Ve is going to serve you with a sweet and salty love story but what will catch your attention the most will be the amazing visuals in it. So, Kiddaan gives the film a thumbs up and recommends you to watch it for light entertainment. 

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