Nikeet Dhillon Posts Video After Fake News Of Her Death Goes Viral From Her Instagram

The evening of 22 November 2022 was indeed not beautiful for Punjabi actress Nikeet Dhillon, her friends, family and fans. The industry people and netizens were shocked when news about her demise was updated on her Instagram handle. As the post was fake and had created a rush on social media, Nikeet has now shared a video to get things under control.

The post stated that Nikeet is no more. Immediately after Nikeet’s Instagram account was updated with this story, the news went viral and grabbed everyone’s attention. For a moment nobody could understand what had happened. But soon, the news was clarified to be fake as Nikeet’s Instagram handle was hacked.

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After all the chaos and mess spread by the fake story, Nikeet finally held a live session after getting back her Instagram handle. In the video, she interacted with her fans and confirmed her healthy being.

In the live video, Nikeet also slammed the anonymous hacker for sharing such a fake sensitive rumor. She also went on to reveal that she and her family are shaken as they didn’t know how to react to this news.

The actress’s voice was also shaking as she talked about her grandmother who was still in shock and continuously crying. And while informing fans that she is perfectly fit and fine, she also bashed the cyber cell in India as she unveiled that her Facebook account has also been hacked for the last 2 years. 

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Nikeet’s fans are now happy and finally calmed down as Nikeet has officially addressed the fake news of her demise.

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