Veteran Actress Nilu Kohli’s Husband Harminder Kohli Dies In Bathroom

A sad news has surfaced on the internet and saddened the fans of veteran actress Nilu Kohli. The actress’ husband Harminder Kohli recently passed away after slipping in the bathroom. 

Harminder Singh had just visited the Gurudwara Sahib on Friday afternoon and went to the bathroom after returning back home. It was when his body was left lying on the bathroom floor lifeless. His house helper found his body in the bathroom as he was reportedly the only person (except Harminder Kohli) present at Kohli’s house when the unfortunate incident took place. 

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According to the statement released by Nilu’s best friend Vandana, the helper was preparing lunch and waiting for Harminder’s return from the bathroom so that he could serve him food. But when a long time passed and he did not come back, he rushed to the already unlocked bathroom and found him lying on the floor unconscious. 

As per the reports, Harminder’s body was rushed to the hospital but it was too late as he was declared brought dead. It was also revealed that though he had diabetes, Harminder Singh was perfectly fit and healthy before his accidental death. 

It is expected that Harminder Singh slipped and fell in the bathroom resulting in his accidental death. His last rites will be held on 26 March 2023, Sunday as the family is waiting for the return of his son. 

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Nilu Kohli’s condition is bad, as the actress is deeply affected by the demise of her better half. Team Kiddaan pays its heartfelt condolences to Nilu Kohli and her family. May the soul of the late Harminder Singh rests in peace.

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