Nimrat Khaira And Sargun Mehta Improvise The “Aao Milo” Into Its Punjabi Version

Have you ever played the “Aao Milo” game with your friends during the good old days? If yes! Then Nimrat Khaira and Sargun Mehta’s recent clip will hit you with nostalgia. The two actresses shot a video of them having some “girl-time” on the sets of “Saunkan Saunkne”.

Sargun Mehta uploaded the video on her Instagram account. In the video, Nimrat Khaira and Sargun Mehta can be seen playing the famous “Aao Milo” game, but the two improvised it into a Punjabi version.

“Aao Milo” is a very famous Indian game generally played by girls in their childhood. The two actresses have always been seen having fun on the sets and this video is just another instance of it.

The duo has previously too been playing such games. Their “Born To Shine” video had also gone viral. The two re-made Diljit Dosanjh’s “Born To Shine” song in their own version. And now, their latest “Aao Milo” version is winning hearts too.

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