Nimrat Khaira’s Mother Spills Bean About Her Struggling Days During Childhood

Nimrat Khaira’s Mother Spills Bean About Her Struggling Days During Childhood

Nimrat Khaira is one of the Punjabi singers and actors who is known to set the stage on fire. Besides giving amazing performances in her songs, she is also appreciated for her stage performances. She has so much confidence and energy on the stage, perhaps it is the outcome of the practice she has been doing since her childhood days, as she has been performing since her school days.

In one of the talk shows, Nimrat’s parents reveal that the artist has to face a lot of criticism in childhood as she is the only child of her parents. Further, at the initial stage her mother told that she didn’t support Nimrat’s career. One day the artist came back home after playing and said that she wants to join singing class. Her mother ignored this and told her to play and study. Further, Nimrat became sad and told them that she has interest in singing and she can do anything in fact read books and study hard. Her mother then took her to singing class and after that there’s no looking back for the artist.

Moreover, Nimrat has to face many obstacles, as she had a clash between her exam and her recording session. She went to Delhi at night with her father to complete her recording then on the same night she came back to her hometown. Then in the morning she studied and gave her exam. This very process repeats everyday. But she decided that instead of demotivating, she wanted to become a household name and the singer accomplished it.

The artist who fell for the art of singing at a very young age started singing when she was in 3rd grade. From there she started performing and seems like the confidence that she earned at a young age helped her and is still helping her continue her passion for singing.

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