Ninja Releases New Banger Album “The Hood”, Singer Back With His 7 Bouncy Tracks

In  recent times the craze for Punjabi music has increased globally and the artists are roaring high with their talented musical skills and compositions. There is no event or occasion which gets completed without a Punjabi banger being played. 

There are a lot of Punjabi artists these days who are winning several hearts, but one such Punjabi artist who is constantly adding different feathers to his cap is none other than Ninja. The artist is a playback singer and actor who made his acting debut with the film Channa Mereya. He also received the Filmfare Best Debut Male Award for the same. 

Ninja is best known for his songs like Jinne Saah, Aadat, Thokda Reha, Gall Jattan Wali, Oh Kyu Ni Jan Sake and many more. 

Now, the singer is back with his another latest album that contains all of his bouncy tracks and has also received praises from Bollywood. 

Ninja is back in the game with his new album “The Hood”, loaded with powerful and bouncy tracks this album becomes one of a kind. 

Even Bollywood is in awe of Ninja’s work here. Powerful vocals and crisp lyrics make this album worth listening. 

“The Hood” album contains 7 absolute bangers in the roaring voice of Ninja. The singer is known for his outspoken and pumped vocals and the album does true justice to his voice. Just like Ninja’s personality, “The Hood” hits the right spots as the tracks are super pumped, loud, energized and perfect for the youth. 

Ninja has always come up with absolutely stunning bangers and with this album, he proved that he has all the potential of providing an adrenaline rush to the listeners with his crystal clear vocals And never ending energy. Below are the 7 tracks of “The Hood” album

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